Fees and payment modes

I offer the first meeting free of charges so we can meet for the first time. In this meeting, I will ask you to explain to me your case and what you hope for. You will then be able to decide if you want to hire me or not. However, I will not be able to give you specific legal counsel since I will not have read your documents.

After that first meeting, if you think I am the right lawyer for you and if you can have legal aid, you will have to get it. Don’t worry, we will discuss together how to do it.

If you are can’t have legal aid, I will be able to give an estimation of the cost depending on the estimate time and complexity of your file. Usually, I do an all-included price, so you can know in advance how much it will cost. Of course, if you decide after I give you my price to change something like the duration of the trial or to have an expert, the price will change. You will have a payment schedule that we will decide together, so you won’t have to pay everything once. Everything will be divided by steps so if you decide that I am not the right lawyer for you, you will only pay for what has already been done.

Why I don’t charge an hourly fee ? The main disadvantage is that you don’t know in advance how much it will cost, but if you absolutely want to pay by the hour, it will be possible.

The payment modes that I accept are money, check, e-Interac and credit cards. You will be able to make one or more payment. At some point, I will ask you to pay before for the next step before I do it. Don’t worry, the money will be in trust so if you decide to change lawyer before it is done, you will have a refund.